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090608 – Casatiello (cheesy bread!) | BBA #5
090608, 8:49 pm
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BBA Challenge #5

It amazes me that we are only on challenge number 5.  In just five weeks of bread-baking and i already fell SO much more proficient in the kitchen and in touch with my mixer.  Now that i am making prettymuch all the bread that we eat, i feel much more in knowlegable about what i eat.  I love knowing exactly what i am fueling my body with. Even if it is bacon and cheese bread…

I followed this recipe as closely as i could.  I measured everything perfectly and incorporated them in exact order.  I used low-fat buttermilk in stead of whole milk that PR (Peter Rinehart) called for.  I chopped up about 4 slices of bacon and fried them until crispy.  This turned out to be very little bacon, but i wasn’t sure how joe would react to bacon in his bread.  The one places where i fumbled was on the baking pan (or should i say ‘can’).  I prepared an old coffee tin with an oiled paper bag just like the book describes, but when the bread had finished baking and i tried to pull it from the can, the bag was too low and the bread was caught by the lip of the can.  I had folded the paper bag down 2-3 inches above the un-proofed ball of dough, and it had risen MUCH more than i  anticipated.  I think it would have worked better to either fold the bag down higher so that it protruded a little from the can or to use parchment paper cut above the lip.  As a result of my blunder, the resultant loaf has a bit of a slouch, but is still delicious.

one question i always have at the beginning of the bread-making process is: whether or not to fluff the flour?  thoughts?

IMG_4358 IMG_4373

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Nice post. I wish the book included a picture of the can-baking thing. I’m a little confused about it, too. Think I’ll make this one today, though. Looks super-yummy!

As far as flour-fluffing goes, I don’t think it’s necessary if you’re weighing your ingredients and mixing well. But if you’re doing the old scoop-and-level method, instead of weighing, you do want to fluff the flour a bit.

Happy baking!

Comment by Flour Girl

Nice! 🙂
I take a spoon and fluff the flour with it just before I spoon it into my measuring cup. I ‘do’ want to learn to weigh though one day.

Comment by Susie

I love the idea of adding bacon…yummy!

So cute baked in the Chock-Full-O-Nuts can! It’s one of my fav coffees!

Comment by Michelle

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Great Post! I like that you used the can. I did not have one to use… so I used a souffle dish. It made a giant fat mushroom shape!

Hilo, HI

Comment by Devany

Your bread looks so cute! I did the bags, but not the can, and it was much easier. So the bacon tasted good in it? Maybe I should have done that instead . .

Comment by roundthetable

Thanks! If i were to make this bread again, i would use bags, too. The bacon was REALLY good – and I’m not a regular bacon eater.

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

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