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100515 – Banana Ice Cream
100607, 12:28 pm
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More accurately,

Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

This delicious and easy (and cheap) frozen dessert is inspired by my favorite lunch.  Anyone who has worked with me knows that i eat a peanut butter banana sandwich just about every week.

First, cut up 5-6 bananas into a plastic bag, or some other container you can put in the freezer.   We get our bananas from Trader Joe’s, and because they are sold at a per banana price, our bananas are pretty huge.  So, our 5 bananas might be the equivalent of 8 normal size ones.

Freeze the bananas solid.  I don’t know why they look so hideous in this photo – they aren’t as repulsive in person.  I just cut them up before work in the morning to make the ice cream when I return home.

This blender requires that I continually prod the frozen bananas down to the blades until it is finally all smooth.  Also, it makes some worrisome whirring sounds when it finally does catch a banana hunk.  Just last week (100601) I made another batch of ‘ice cream’ (this time using cocoa instead of peanut butter).  I tried using a food processor instead of the blender and it was much better!  I guess our blender is prettymuch reserved for margaritas now.

After about 3 minutes of blending/ processing, the bananas should take on a creamy texture.  You can eat it now as soft serve, or let it freeze longer for a regular ice cream consistency.