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081025 – MCM
081026, 7:14 pm
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MY FIRST MARATHON!!!  this photo was taken pretty early on in the race.  the smile faded as the run went on.  I nearly made my ‘goal time’ – 3:50, although secretly i wanted to qualify for Boston.  I was not planning on having to walk over a mile from the metro to the start line, so i was late for the official start and WAYYY behind my desired pace group.  Little did i know how much it was going to start hurting right around 23 miles… i probably could have walked those last few faster than i trotted that day.  Oh, well.  Next time i’ll know what to expect.  All i ate that day was one orange slice because the gu they offered on the course had caffine and i was afraid of upsetting my stomach.  I wore my fuel belt, but just carried water in the bottles.