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100110 – #28 Potato Rosemary Bread
100117, 11:25 am
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BBA #28

Oh, it tastes so good to be back!  It has been nearly 3 months since my blog post.  We have been eating new things and there have been several occasions when I though ‘this should go on the blog’ (mostly things Joe has made) but I could not find the time to post!  I started my new job last September and had been increasingly busy there until about now.  And I have just submitted my portfolio and application to the GSD.  Now all I am doing is triathlon training for a half ironman called Mooseman, (here are my training schedules if you are interested: International mid week and Iron weekend) and working.  I vow to post a new bread every other weekend (interspersed with other foods).

This is the best bread yet.  I am only sorry that I didn’t get a good crumb shot to share.  The bread had a nice crunchy crust, and super soft crumb.  Something about the mashed potatoes made this bread melt in your mouth.  I enjoyed kneading it so much!  I made the mashed potatoes the night before (along with the Biga) while Joe was cooking dinner.  I left two small potatoes wrapped in foil in the oven for about an hour, then mashed them up with a couple teaspoons worth of butter and a little bit of salt.  While mixing the dough the next day, I found myself adding even more water than PR called for – at least a whole Cup full, in order to get the right elasticity.   Finally, my last divergence from the printed recipe was a bit of sea salt sprinkled on top (see top photo).  It was a very good addition.


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Lovely bread…especially with the sea salt~ I turned mine into rolls and put parm cheese on top. These smelled SO good!

Comment by Frieda

This was one of my favorite BBA breads as well. The aroma was heavenly. Glad your back. Good luck with your training.

Comment by Cathy (breadexperience)

Well one good thing about training for the Ironman: you can eat as much bread as you want without gaining weight. I checked out the training schedule – pretty rigorous! Good luck.

Glad to have you back blogging again. Bread looks wonderful. Love the salt on top.

Comment by Cindy

i do need to bake this bread!!! it looks great!!
nice to have you around again… good luck with the ironman… i couldn´t even think about it…. 😉

Comment by fargopatt

Thank You! It was such a great bread. I just baked another BBA bread last weekend and will post it sometime soon…

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

We missed you! Glad to have you back.

Comment by Janice

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