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090928 – Pain de Campagne | BBA #22
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BBA #22

These loaves were fun to shape!  Little did I know, this was to be my last bread for a little while.  After hurting my ankle a week ago, I took a bit of a break from baking.  Then i came back to bake this bread (I had been enticed by the photograph in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice).  Now I have started a new job and it looks like i am not going to have any time to bake or cook.  Today I worked 13 hours.  C’est la vie d’un architecte!  This is soon to become a Crock Pot themed blog!  I’ll be making meals on the weekend for the rest of the week.  It could be gross, or it could be exciting uncharted culinary territory!


This recipe was straightforward.  I used rye flour to makes these loaves (1/3 C) and can only slightly taste it.  I can only bake one loaf at a time in my oven (and i only have one baking sheet) so the two smaller ones spent a lot of extra time proofing in a couche (hence the light coating of flour on those two).  Even though i found this bread less interesting than the Pain a L’Ancienne or Ciabatta, Joe liked it and it made some really good…


Campagne Bruschetta

I just seeded and diced a tomato and mixed it up with balsamic, basil, salt, red pepper flakes, and a pinch of fresh ground black pepper.  I toasted the 1/4″ slices of Pain on both sides using the oven broiler, topped with the tomato mixture, then a tiny bit of cheese.  I broiled them again for just a couple minutes with the rack on the top oven shelf.  Total cooking/ prep time: about 10 minutes.  Can’t beat fresh tomatoes!

Check out more photos (plus tips) on FLICKR!


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The finished bread is just beautiful. Did you use a scissors to make the cuts?

Good luck on the new job. I’ll miss your BBA bread posts.

Comment by saltandserenity

Thank you! Yes, I used some clean kitchen scissors. I wish i had bigger ones – it would have been easier. Mine have approx. 3 1/2″ blades and they don’t open all the way…

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

I am so intrigued by this bread, can’t wait to make it. I find the whole baking bread with regularity very relaxing. I hope you can find some time.

Comment by AnneMarie

[…] at What’s Cookin’, Chicago? had a group bake and came up with unique shapes. Carolyn at Two Skinny Jenkins leaves the Challenge (she got new job!) with a lovely rendition of her own. It was great baking […]

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Congrats on the new job! Too bad about the baking. I will miss your posts. Maybe you can join the slow and steady group?

You and Paul at Yumarama have inspired me to do the epis. Hope it’s not more than I can chew. Though I can chew and eat the evidence if it comes out badly!

Comment by misterrios

Thanks! I am starting to think that bread baking might be good therapy 🙂 I’ll bake on the weekends when i can.

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

I will definitely miss your posts! HOpe you can keep the bread baking going, even if at a slower pace…

I am so ashamed to post my attempt at the “epis” shaping, but… I will take a deep breath and do it. It was pathetic.

Good luck on your new job!

Comment by sallybr

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