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090925 – Update
090924, 7:59 pm
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There is good news and bad news.


I am taking a little break from the kitchen as i just nearly broke my ankle in a bike accident.  I was riding my bike home from the grocery store (of all places) and a car door opened right into the side of me.  One of my biggest fears since we have moved to Cambirdge and started biking everywhere was running into a car door.  I have had a few close calls, but this one was perfectly timed so there was no avoiding it.  It was flung open into my body and knocked me into the street.  I was laying on the yellow line.  Thank heavens there was no oncoming traffic.


So now my right ankle is very swollen and has two punctures from my chain ring.  I pray that I will be back to running on it in a week or two… the marathon that I have been training for all summer is in 3.


We won artwork at the MIT student art loan!  We got a print of Yoshitomo Nara’s ‘In the Floating World Gold Fish’ (#37/50) to keep in our apartment for a year.  It retails around $3,880 so hopefully we don’t mess it up!



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OUCH! Hope you get all better soon.

Comment by Susie

Thanks! Sorry for the uncharacteristically unappetizing photo!

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

Oh no! I hope your ankle heals quickly. What a scary accident!

Comment by Nicole

Thank you!

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

Poor you! Any hope of running in the marathon? It sure doesn’t look like it. I guess you’ll be stuck eating and drinking coffee with us while Joe runs. Don’t forget the shopping while the guys are at the ball game : > Hope you’re on your feet. I’d hate to shop alone!

Comment by spotisadog

I really hope to do the marathon. I still have about 3 weeks to get all better. I’m waiting for the cuts to heal up more before I hit the pool for aqua-jogging! I can’t wait to shop w/ you and I will investigate good places to shop around starting NOW.

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

I am so very sorry!

I hope you can recover for the marathon, but please, be wise about it. The thing I regret the most was running a half marathon with a knee injury that I decided to ignore. I had trained for the full, after the injury decided to go for only half, and even that was too much. My knee never full recovered.

I know you will try your best to do the marathon, and I hope you will make it, but… don’t push it too hard

Comment by sallybr

that should have been “fully”.

I am not “fully awake” yet

Comment by sallybr

You are so sweet! Thank you for the advice. I am feeling more and more like i will not be fully recovered in time for the race 😥 I am signed up for another marathon in November (in Virginia) so I am considering waiting and flying down for that.

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

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