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090912 – Multigrain Bread Extraordinaire | BBA #20
090912, 10:30 pm
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Multigrain Bread

I can’t believe I’m on challenge #20!  I feel like celebrating.

Yet, I could kick myself.  Whenever i don’t read a recipe ahead of time (which admittedly happens often) I miss out on some long preparation that i should have started at the beginning.  Par example: 3 T cooked brown rice.  Ugh.  I had little flashbacks to the other night when joe and i cooked brown rice in the rice cooker and it took 45 minutes.  I have things to do today!  I cannot cook rice right now!  Well, luckily i remembered the microwave.  With a little improvising, i cooked precisely 3 T of short grain brown rice pretty well in our microwave.  Here’s how:

  • 2 T brown rice
  • 6 T water
  • 1/2 t safflower oil
  1. combine ingredients in a microwave safe bowl and heat on high power for 5 minutes.
  2. Add a bit more water (2T or so) if necessary then continue cooking on medium power for 4 minutes.  DONE!

I made a few small alterations to the original recipe.  For the soaker, i did not have any wheat bran on hand, so i just used 3 T millet, 3 T rolled oats, and 2 T cornmeal.  I have had a large flour container with 3/4 C of white wheat flour in it for some time now, so i replaced some of the bread flour with my remaining white wheat.  While working, i decided to bake two little loaves.  One loaf I topped with sesame seeds and flax seeds (most of which fell off while slicing), and the other with sunflower seeds.

Tonight i toasted the bread and used it for triple-decker tofu, lettuce, and tomato sandwiches. It is really wonderful toasted

tofu sandwiches

Click for more photos: FLICKR.


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Beautiful bread! Good luck on your 20-miler and your marathon. I’ve got my 20-miler next weekend. All that bread makes good fuel!

Comment by Heather

Thanks for sharing how to cook the rice. I read ahead and thought to myself that this was going to be a real pain cooking up a batch of rice for three tablespoons.

Your bread looks fantastic!

Comment by mags

Thanks for sharing the microwave tip on how to prepare 3 tablespoons of brown rice. Hopefully I’ll still remember it by the time I get to multi-grain bread. I”m just about to do Lavash crackers. The bread looks wonderful and that sandwich is just beautiful. Good luck in the marathon. Keep carb loading.

Comment by saltandserenity

Thank you! I’m so glad someone might benefit from my experiment. I just got back from my long run and I think the bread really helped!

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

Good luck on your long run! Those are nerve-wrecking (especially if you’ve had to deal with injuries…) but fun!

I know what you mean by carbo-loading the day before… I think me and husband were the only persons who GAINED weight while marathon training


Great bread! I am looking forward to this one, but I think I am two breads behind

Comment by sallybr

Not only are you running, you are racing through this BBA! Sorry, I can’t keep up…gotta get rye flour for the next bread…Congrats on a beautiful loaf~

Comment by Frieda

[…] some comfort food for dinner, and this recipe really hit the spot.  We had leftover tofu from out sandwiches the other night, broccoli rabe pesto frozen from a couple weeks ago, and PLENTY of […]

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Seriously nice bread! So glad you shared your tip about the rice. I was just going to cook some (have millet, etc. soaking right now) and decided to check and see if fellow bakers had any tips. You just saved me major amounts of time – thanks!

Comment by Janice

[…] things to remember: soak the grains, and cook some brown rice the day before. Or, as Carolyn (on Two Skinny Jenkins) and I did,  find yourself in full panic mode when it’s time to make the dough,  realizing […]

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