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090829 – Light Wheat Bread | BBA #18
090829, 9:41 pm
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Light Wheat Bread

BBA #18

new kitchHere is a shot of my new kitchen! Surprisingly, it has more cabinet space than our last one (even though the apartment is 50% smaller) and i find it is easier to work in. One cook at a time.

I, like a lot of Americans right now, don’t have a lot of expendable income, and so i have not yet bought a copy of the Bread Bakers Apprentice.  I have been checking it out from the library in DC (and then for a short while in Charlottesville).  I have not yet gotten my driver’s license for Massachusetts, and therefore cannot yet get a library card here.  I could not find the recipe for ‘Light Wheat Bread’ on Google BooksPanic.  Luckily, Smitten Kitchen has published the full recipe on her site!  Thanks to her, i am saved for this week, and should be able to get my hands on a copy from now on.  For free.

Also to save money, i did not buy the powdered milk that the recipe called for.  Instead, I substituted 4 T regular milk for 3 T of powdered.  Otherwise i followed the recipe exactly and the bread came out GREAT.  It was a little on the sticky side after 10 minutes of kneading, and approximately an additional 1/2 C of flour (white wheat flour added during kneading).  I sampled a slice while it was still warm and it was delicious with bit of jam on top.  This will also make some excellent sandwiches.  I think next time (there WILL be a next time) I will try adding some sunflower seeds to mimic my favorite bread in Charlottesville – sunflower wheat from Bread Works.

Check out more of my Light Wheat Breadmaking photos on FLICKR!


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Wow! Your bread came out awesome. You’re really ahead, so you shouldn’t worry too much. I think many of us are about three breads behind.

Comment by misterrios

I work at a library here in Kansas City, and we don’t require a local ID to get a card. Just any ID (can be your old state’s DL) and proof of your new, local address. For us, the address verification is more important than the ID, and we even provide a postcard you can mail to yourself to speed up the getting-mail process. We’ll take a lease agreement too. Just thought I’d mention these things. Maybe you’ve already asked your local library its policy and they only take local DL/state ID, but if not I’d inquire. Your bread looks beautiful, by the way. Happy baking!

Comment by Emma

“Library Cards
You may obtain a library card by presenting two pieces of identification, one of which shows your name and local home address. There is no waiting period for a library card. Please fill out this form and bring it with you with ID and proof of your mailing address to one of our locations.”

This from Cambridge Public Library’s website:

Sorry to bombard you with comments, but I’m a future librarian and it’s important to me that you get your card!

Comment by Emma

Hey! Thanks! I got my library card and Bread Baker’s Apprentice book today 🙂 You are very considerate.

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

What a pretty kitchen AND loaf of bread! I call this my ‘half and half’ bread…half white flour and half wheat flour and it’s my family’s favorite. I can’t wait until I get to this recipe and compare it with the 1/2 and 1/2…I, too, have found that I need additional flour to PR’s recipes, but just read that if I switch to UNbleached flour, I will use less. I’ll have to give it a try. Happy baking in your new kitchen!

Comment by Frieda

Was just about to make this and wanted to figure out the sub for the powdered milk. So glad I though tot check the BBA blogs. :). Looks great, as does the new kitchen.

Comment by Brandy

thanks! Glad i could help 🙂

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

[…] of folks baking ahead of me through the challenge by clicking these links: Carolyn and Joe, from  Two Skinny Jenkins Deb, from Italian Food Forever Oggi, from I can do that Phyl, from Of Cabbages and King Cakes Paul, […]

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