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090811 – Italian Bread | BBA #15
090812, 10:19 am
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Italian Bread_02

BBA Challenge #15:

This, my SECOND attempt at the Italian bread recipe, came out pretty well.   You can find the link to the first attempt here.  I was not able to find the Diastatic Barley Malt Powder in time, so i used a bit of Barley Malt Syrup from a local natural foods store. The final result was nice and soft and yeasty tasting.  I followed the recipe cooking times exactly (usually i stretch the proofing times a bit) and baked it on a semolina dusted baking sheet.  Not my favorite BBA recipe, but one that i will probably make again this winter.  It the dense, yet soft crumb will be PERFECT for eating with soup.  The only change i will make next time is to bake it on a pizza stone.

The first loaf vanished at dinner last night and i think the second won’t last much longer.  I have plans to make bruchetta tonight… or maybe for lunch.

Check out part of the recipe at Google Books (p. 172).

Italian Bread

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Your bread looks very pretty.

Comment by Mustangterri1958

I think your bread looks fantastic. Too bad about your first attempt. I cringe every time I spray water into the oven for fear of the same thing happening.

Comment by mags

I was pretty disappointed after the first attempt… but thanks to practice, the bread turned out great the second time! I will definitely make this one again.

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

I say a little prayer every time I spray my oven. I’m sure your parents won’t be inviting you over for baking any time soon. That is one gorgeous loaf, very professional slashing!!

Comment by saltandserenity

I will be saying a prayer from now on! Thank you – I was very proud of my slashing :) The key is a VERY VERY sharp knife.

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

Looks gorgeous!

Comment by Pete Eatemall

Awesome bread. I can’t wait to try it. Too bad about the first loaves. I actually don’t have an oven light, to my irritation, but also worry whenever I spray the oven.

Comment by misterrios

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Your loaf is absolutely beautiful~ sorry to hear about your first attempt…bread is truly trial and error, but worth the results when everything goes smoothly!

Comment by Frieda

I agree. You loaf looks great. Now I’m curious, so I will have to read what happened the first time around. You did great the second time.

Comment by Mustangterri1958

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