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090809 – Italian Bread | BBA #15
090810, 10:21 am
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Italian Bread Attempt #1

Baking Fail:

Woopsie.  We heard a big POP in the oven after the first time i sprayed the oven walls with water and the oven light went out. I think the steam did it, but it could have been my bad aim. We don’t have a spray bottle, so I have been using a water bottle to spray the oven walls all along.  I’ve used the same technique 4-5 times in our apartment (electric) oven with no problem, but my parent’s (gas) oven did not go so well.

Needless to say, we did not taste the bread. There were little shards of glass all over it.  It smelled amazing and I was really tempted to cut the inside out just to taste.  I did cut one loaf in half just to see what the crumb looked like.  After roughly 19 minutes of baking, the inside looked a little under done to me.  I could not find the diastatic barley malt powder that the recipe called for, so i used barley malt syrup instead.  I think that the extra moisture/ stickiness from the syrup might have been why the dough looked so dense.  Now that i have a second chance, i will try calling bakeries around town and see if anyone has some powder that they would sell me.

I will start my biga today and make a loaf of italian bread and probably some breadsticks tomorrow.


090808 – parking fail
090810, 10:02 am
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parking fail

i’m considering submitting this one to…  this was our hotel room window.  we quickly became the talk of the hotel after a car smashed into our window at 10:30 p.m.

parking fail _02