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090729 – French Bread | BBA #14
090729, 5:21 pm
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hand written

Taking it back to the old school…

As in hand written recipes!  we are moving out this FRIDAY.  We have disconnected our internet and I have returned my library borrowed Bread Bakers Apprentice book.  I feel like i have really stepped back in time; baking homemade bread without my laptop by my side.

This will be my last post from this kitchen.   I just have to stop making a mess in the kitchen.  Not to mention that there really aren’t enoough ingredients left to make anything… Fortunately this was a very simple recipe (ingredient-wise).  I made the pate fermentee a couple days ago and have kept it in the fridge.  The dough ball had definitely doubled while it was sitting in there.  I think it would be interesting to try (though maybe a waste of flour) making french bread without this starter.

My pizza stone broke a week ago so i just baked the loaves on the pan that they proofed on after shaping. One thing i would do differently is spaced the loaves at least 3″ apart when on the pan.  The second thing i would have done differently is make BIGGER SCORES in the loaves!  Because i had placed the loaves too close together, i had a hard time manuvering my knife around to score them.  In the end, they still look okay, but not as dramatic and delicious as they could have.

Final Loaves

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Pefectly perfect! Great job.

Comment by Susie

i love your blog!!! the pics are fantastic.. the way you explain everything´s great!!
i´ll come very often!!!


Comment by fargopatt

I think you did a great job Carolyn. I spaced mine a little too closely as well. Next time I think I’ll bake the loaves separately.

Comment by mags

[…] making this alone, i would have used jarred sauce for times sake.  We served the pasta with some French Bread from my most recent BBA Challenge, a salad, and some […]

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I think the look gorgeous! Great job. Enjoy the new place.

Comment by Tammy

Great looking photos… One thing I learned doing these baguettes a while ago was not to be afraid to cut into the loaves; Just do it quick and deep! 🙂

Comment by Curt

Bigger scores would have looked nice, but I think these are pretty impressive as is! Nice job!

Comment by misterrios

I am impressed with your scoring. I have come to appreciate that this is a skill that takes some practice. Love the hand written recipe… so retro!

Comment by saltandserenity

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