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090713 – corn bread | BBA #10
090713, 8:44 pm
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BBA Corn Muffins

FINALLY!  We had so much food at the beach that there was no need for corn bread.  Now that i am back at home, it seems like the prefect timing.  While i was away, Joe made a huge pot of chili.  Tonight’s meal isn’t very summery, but simple and good.  I think this may be the simplest bread recipe yet.

No offense to the book or anyone in the challenge, but after looking at the pictures online, i really didn’t want to put bacon on the bread.  It just didn’t appeal to me.  I am glad that i didn’t because the sweet corn muffins go so well with our chili.  As you can see in my FLICKR photos, there are a LOT of corn kernels in this recipe.  If i were to make this recipe again, i would use 1 1/2- not 2 1/2 cups of corn.  Also, 30 minutes at 350 was just perfect for the muffins, but i think would not be nearly enough for a pan of bread.  Once they were done, they stuck to their wrappers pretty badly.  I suspect that this is because i used low-fat buttermilk, and maybe a scoch less butter than the recipe called for.  Next time, i would forgo the wrappers and spray the tin.

See (part of) the recipe in googlebooks. Page 151.


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What a great idea to make corn meal muffins. This recipe is ok but I would just rather have regular old corn bread. 🙂
Great job,

Comment by Susie

I hear you on the bacon; I’m still deciding what to do about that. (After how much I disliked the Casatiello, I’m afraid to put any meat in any bread ever again!) Your corn muffins, however, made me want some right now.

Comment by Janice

Thanks! The corn muffins are already all gone! They were great without the bacon.

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

What a great idea! They look delish!

Comment by Tammy

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