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090713 – corn bread | BBA #10
090713, 8:44 pm
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BBA Corn Muffins

FINALLY!  We had so much food at the beach that there was no need for corn bread.  Now that i am back at home, it seems like the prefect timing.  While i was away, Joe made a huge pot of chili.  Tonight’s meal isn’t very summery, but simple and good.  I think this may be the simplest bread recipe yet.

No offense to the book or anyone in the challenge, but after looking at the pictures online, i really didn’t want to put bacon on the bread.  It just didn’t appeal to me.  I am glad that i didn’t because the sweet corn muffins go so well with our chili.  As you can see in my FLICKR photos, there are a LOT of corn kernels in this recipe.  If i were to make this recipe again, i would use 1 1/2- not 2 1/2 cups of corn.  Also, 30 minutes at 350 was just perfect for the muffins, but i think would not be nearly enough for a pan of bread.  Once they were done, they stuck to their wrappers pretty badly.  I suspect that this is because i used low-fat buttermilk, and maybe a scoch less butter than the recipe called for.  Next time, i would forgo the wrappers and spray the tin.

See (part of) the recipe in googlebooks. Page 151.