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090706 – Cinnamon raisin walnut bread | BBA #9
090706, 8:40 pm
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Cinn Rai Wal Swirl Bread

We (my family) have been coming back to the same beach house on the Outer Banks for 10 years now.  The owners have done something new to the house just about every year and this year they have remodeled the kitchen.  The new kitchen has lots of gadgets, but lacking a few basics – no wooden spoon, only one loaf pan, no half cup measure.

I have an aversion to shortening, so i I used regular butter instead.  The recipe makes two loafs, so since i had only one loaf pan, i put one half in the fridge for the a while.  I will make the second loaf later this evening, and probably end up taking it home with me.  by making one a time, i also have the chance to learn a little from mistakes.  To make a cinnamon swirl in the middle of the bread, i pressed the dough out into the 8″x5″ rectangle (roughly 1/2″ – 3/4″ thick) that the book calls for, and rolled it up into loaf form.  It came out with a barely recognizable ‘swirl’.   next time i will make a much thinner rectangle, maybe half or 1/3 as thick to get a real swirl effect.

All in all, the bread is very tasty.  Even though the dough seemed extremely thick while kneading, the resultant bread is surprisingly light and fluffy.  I think it will make great toast, and maybe even french toast.

Check out more photos on FLICKR and the full recipe is on Google Books!


the second loaf with more of a swirl was a success!  more cinnamon sugar and spreading the dough thinner and rolling it up tighter was an improvement .  Here is a shot from Tuesday’s breakfast:

Cin Rai Wal Swirl Toast


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Looks great. I hope your other loaf turns out equally nice.
Great baking along with you,

Comment by Susie

The second loaf was a success! It helped to add a little extra cinnamon sugar for the swirl…

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

I am getting caught up today on Ciabatta and Cinnamon Buns. I think i will attempt this one while catering @ 3 sided kitchen! Your bread looks great! Thanks for sharing! Happy baking!

Comment by jenn @ pete eatemall

You are quite the multi-tasker! These are all wonderful breads! I think that the cinnamon raisin loaf photographed in the book was more than a half portion of this recipe… i had a hard time getting mine picture-perfect.

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

Thanks for the heads up on how to get that pretty swirl. I will be baking it later this week so I appreciate the tips on rolling thinner, using more sugar cinnamon and rolling tighter. Your loaves looked yummy. Hope my swirl comes out as nice.

Comment by saltandserenity

Thank you so much! I always hope that someone can benefit from my rambling! I can’t wait to see how yours turn out!

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

I’m glad I read about your experience with the loaf, so hopefully I can get a nice swirl when I make it. Beautiful!

Comment by Appoggiatura

Yum, that slice with the melty butter looks devine! Can’t wait to make mine so I can try it!

Comment by Teri at Butter n' Thyme

I feel so sorry for you cooking at the beach house. 😉 Excellent job. Thanks for letting me know about the swirl because I plan on using it.

Comment by Tammy

I used butter, as well. Seeing your pictures make me want to make another loaf right now! It was so good . . . how many more breads will you be making at the beach? 🙂

Comment by roundthetable

[…] Cinnamon Raisin Walnut Bread (with swirl) from Two Skinny Jenkins […]

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