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090626 – cinnamon buns | BBA #8
090626, 10:36 pm
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mouth watering yet?

YESSSS!!!  i have been secretly counting the days till i could make these!  during my freshman year of college, i visited the campus Cinnabun more than i should have.  i have an evident weakness for sweet cinnamony (esp. frosted) things!  I made 9 large cinnamon buns and at this point there are 6 left.  we’ll run it off!  I had a really hard time deciding which was the most mouth-watering photo to use for this post.  thank heavens for FLICKR.

Once again, i am appreciative of the one-day bread recipes.  This one was perhaps the easiest challenge to make to date.  The only thing i would do differently next time is to put the WHOLE 1/2 C of cinnamon sugar in after rolling out the dough.  It seemed excessibe to dump that much sugar onto the dough, and i probably only ended up using half.  Now that i am eating th thanks to some extremely well executed dough, they are very tasty anyway. I had forgotten how good these were.  i am tempted to go back for bun #2.

Check out more scrumptious photos (and step-by-step commentary) on FLICKR!!!

as usual, and out of respect for this excellent book (which i have been borrowing from my local library) i will not publish Peter Rinehart’s proprietary recipes on this blog.  You may find a portion of the recipe on googlebooks.


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Just gorgeous! They’re making me crave coffee, too, for some reason.

Comment by ATigerintheKitchen

Perfect! Beautifully done.
Nice baking along with you,

Comment by Susie

Very nice cinnamon rolls! Love the drizzled icing. I still have to do the ciabatta, but these are killing me. WANT.

Comment by Appoggiatura

Me too! I love cinnamon rolls. These had the best smelling dough too. Beautiful job.

Comment by Tammy

Great looking cinnamon rolls. I’m itching to bake mine tomorrow.

Comment by mags

Beautiful! And perfectly iced too. I might have to bake another batch for this weekend.:-)

Comment by oggi

thank you! I am going to the beach with my family this weekend and I think I’ll make a batch for them. Maybe smaller ones, though!

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

Your photo is making me wish mine were closer to being done than they are right now! Did you use the lemon extract or lemon peel? I read one blog that said the lemon overpowered everything, and now I’m concerned as I mix mine up. And go ahead and make more at the beach – running on sand burns extra calories!

Comment by Janice

I actually used lemon juice – i was too cheap to buy extract! I didn’t find it to be overwhelming at all. I think i will make them at the beach…

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

[…] cinnamon buns (sim. to rugelach) […]

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Your Cinnamon Buns look delish! I LOVED these & I too REALLY appreciate the one day bread recipes! Lovely pic!

Comment by Paula - bell'alimento

Those cinnamon buns are drool-worthy!

Comment by grongar

Yummmmm! They look great!

Comment by Rebeca

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