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090616 – Ciabatta | BBA #7
090616, 4:46 pm
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beautiful ciabatta

I am a little premature on this, the #7 BBA Challenge bread.  I have been looking forward to baking Ciabatta, and being a the beach with my husband’s family is the perfect excuse.  I made a little garlic + olive oil dish and some tapenade for dipping, but the bread is great on it’s own.

I was  a little concerned about how the bread was going to turn out for a few reasons.  First, I was working in a foreign kitchen, many miles away from my trusty kitchen aid.  Second, i accidentally left the poolish out on the counter overnight.  Even after sitting out for 11 hours, texture looked fine to me, so i put it in the fridge. for a day  Today, when i was making the bread, i managed to follow all the directions properly, but the (somewhat) poorly outfitted kitchen that was a challenge.  Luckily, i had brought along our pizza stone for making pizza on, and managed to find a baking sheet to use as a peel. In stead of a mister, i used my water bottle to squirt water at the oven walls.

The moment i pulled the bread from the couche, it sort of puddled on the baking sheet.  I was happily surprised and impressed at how much the dough rose in the oven as a result of the tray of water and mist.   i think this has turned out to be the prettiest bread i have ever made.

Check out more photos on FLICKR!


You may find a portion of the recipe on googlebooks.


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Turned out beautiful!!! I hope mine turn out as well!!!

Comment by Judy

Wow, those look amazing! I would love to see a picture of the crumb! I’m a little nervous to make these, so your post is very helpful.

Comment by Teri at Butter n' Thyme

Thank you! I was really happy with the results – especially since i was using the beach house kitchen. I sliced one up tonight and it looked great! lots of air bubbles 🙂 unfortunately it was all eaten up so quickly that i didin’t have a chance to take any photos. I’ll be sure to get some of the second loaf.

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

I cant wait to make! I love making Ciabatta! Yours look amazing!! I am happy I wont be making in a foreign kitchen! But next 2 recipes after ciabatta I am back in the outdoor kitchen! Happy Baking!!

Comment by Jenn @ Pete Eatemall

I baked the Casatiello at a beach house. Always a challenge, I wonder my husband would have thought if I had packed my pizza stone? Great looking bread.

Comment by AnneMarie

Your ciabattas look great. Mine are going to be in the oven in a while.
I don’t think mine is puddly at all. HUM! I don’t think I did the stretch and fold method quite right either. WE shall see.
You did great and nice baking along with you,

Comment by Susie

It’s beautiful. I made it also. Needs a bit more salt to my own taste.

Comment by Hélène

I am so jealous at how beautiful yours turned out! Look at all those big holes! I am planning on re-doing the cibatta, because mine turned out to be a huge failure.

Comment by leabc

Thank you so much! That is such a kind thing to say. I was REALLY happy with the ciabatta. it is one of my all time favorite breads. definitely worth the second try.

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

[…] for appetizer, we had crostini (from the bread bakers apprentice challenge Ciabatta) with a bit of sauce from last night’s pizza, and the tapenade i made earlier in the […]

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Beautiful crumb! I’m making mine tomorrow with the onion & herb folded in. I’ve been dreading this bread from the beginning… I can’t wait to get it over with. LOL. Glad to hear it’s so tasty.

Comment by Tammy

Oh, so pretty! Mine are in the oven right now and I feel like a kid waiting in line at the ice cream shop . . . so impatient as the aroma fills the house. Glad your turned out so far from home.

Comment by roundthetable

Looks great!

Comment by Rebeca

[…] Ciabatta […]

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Very pretty — and holey! Congrats…

Comment by ATigerintheKitchen

Beautiful bread!

Comment by coffeegrounded

[…] Ciabatta from Two Skinny Jenkins […]

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Your ciabatta loaves look beautiful!! I thought I would get large holes throughout the crumb, but I notice that the majority of the ciabatta photos I’ve seen, like yours (and my own) show the biggest holes right under the crust. Thanks for discussing the challenges you faced- I love reading how we manage to get though mistakes and produce really good bread!

Comment by Allison

[…] Woopsies.  I am a wee bit behind on my blog posting.   I blame the lack of inspiration i found in this bread.  To it’s credit, i was juggling this and my first attempt at homemade pasta and first-time guests all at the same time and couldn’t give the bread all the attention it deserves.  Still, as a moderately skilled baker and multi-tasker, I expected more out of it.  The taste was bland.  The texture was so-so.  It didn’t have a nice crunch crust like Pain de Campagne, it wasn’t nice and airy like Pain a L’ancienne, and it wasn’t as tasty as it’s twin, Italian Bread.  I think that the next time i want some baguettes, i will make on of the three former breads or a nice Ciabatta. […]

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