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090531 – Poor Man’s Brioche | BBA #4
090531, 12:15 pm
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beautiful brioche!

BBA Challenge #4!  Still baking strong…

I am happy to be baking the poor man version of brioche.  All that really means is that there is less butter/ fat in the dough.  The recipe calls for 1/2 C butter, versus 2 Cups in the ‘Rich Man’s’ version, and I even used skim milk instead of full fat (that’s just what we drink).

So, i was a bit confused by the directions this time.  When making the ‘Poor Man’s Version, after resting the dough for 90 minutes, you are supposed to continue with shaping per the Rich Man’s Version.  It is not really clear which number is the beginning of shaping the dough, so i only let mine rest in the fridge for 1.5-2 hours before shaping it, then proofing for 2 hours.  In the end, the bread may not have met it’s full potential, but still turned out pretty good.

As per usual, check out more photos on Flickr!

baked brioche


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Your photos and your brioches are great.
Have fun,

Comment by Susie

Your brioche is lovely. I love your blog header, btw.

Comment by mags

Huh. It didn’t even occur to me that the Poor Man’s version was supposed to be refrigerated. I didn’t with the first batch I made (quasi-fail, hence me trying it again) and I wasn’t planning to this time, either. Maybe this is a mistake on my part? Now I’m even more confused!

Comment by Laurie Ashton Farook

Laurie, I might very well have been mistaken about the refrigerating part. I figured that a bit of time in the fridge couldn’t hurt, and probably helped with shaping. It seemed strange to me that the process for the poor man’s version would be SOO different from the rich man’s. The bread tastes REALLY good, and that’s what matters anyway 🙂 Have fun and good luck with batch #2!

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

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Lovely! Making middle class version tommorrow…

Comment by Gina

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