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090528 – broccoli + garlic sauce done right
090528, 9:59 pm
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broccoli + garlic rocks!

Joe made a great dinner tonight!  he is a master at broccoli and garlic sauce…

Sauce timeWe didn’t have enough chili garlic sauce, so the sauce wasn’t as spicy as usual, but even without the rocket fuel it was still good. The chili-garlic sauce is made by Huy Fong the same people who make the delicious Tuong Ot Sriracha (link). Other than the shortage of chili-garlic sauce, I followed the earlier recipe for the garlic sauce. One big improvement over last time is that I sauteed the broccoli for less time than previously, about 3 minutes without the sauce and then 4 minutes with the sauce. This made the broccoli much crispier, which we prefer and probably leaves more nutrients.


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