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090526 – Bagel breakfast | BBA #3
090526, 7:57 am
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Joe's Breakfast

After being spoiled by the three day weekend, these bagels helped ease the pain of getting up early for work.  I ‘tested’ out the ugly batch, and they taste pretty good, too.

Check out more photos on my FLICKR page!


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LOOKS GREAT and glad that they taste good. 🙂

Comment by Susie

That looks so good. Is that butter on the bagel? I never think of anything other than eating them plain or with lowfat cream cheese . . . good thing I still have a few left. And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new banner! – Janice

Comment by Janice

Yes, that is butter on Joe’s bagel… i used to shy away from the stuff, myself, but Joe has warmed me up to it. THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the banner complement 😉 I started working as a graphic designer just a week ago and I’ve been inspired!

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

These look amazing. Love your photos. I had fun with them as well!

Comment by Shari

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