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090525 – cinnamon raisin bagels | BBA #3
090525, 10:38 pm
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beautiful bagels!


I love BAGELS, BAGELS, BAGELS!  Well, i love making them, anyway.  these were so satisfying to make!  and they smell so good.  it was a great learning experience, too.  I was following the recipe to the letter, until the malt part.  I was supposed to add it to the sponge along with the flour, salt, and yeast when making the dough.  It dawned on me that i was missing the malt (which i was substituting honey for) after i had been kneading for about a minute, so i just did my best to knead it in and kept adding flour. That was lesson #1.

I decided that i would use both of the shaping methods shown in the book, so i did a half dozen of each.  Otherwise, the batches were identical.  as you can see in the image below, they came out looking COMPLETELY different.  The ‘rope method’ is on the left, and the ‘punched hole method’ on the right.  i am so glad i did both techniques, so i didn’t feel like the ugly batch was really my fault. Lesson #2:

rope method punched hole method

I will let you know how they taste and upload more photos tomorrow morning!

Check out more photos on Flickr!

One last note/ disclaimer: Joe and I (mostly I) am really into conserving materials, and so i reused an old piece of parchment paper…  i figured it gets pretty well sanitized at 500° F, and it still works fine.

You may find a portion of the recipe on googlebooks.


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Your bagels look so nice. So round and puffy. 🙂 YUM.
Great job,

Comment by Susie

Great job once again!!! Love that you did both techniques!! The rope style look so similar to the store/bakery bought variety! Terrific!

Comment by Catrina

Interesting to see the comparison between the 2 shaping methods.

Comment by saltandserenity

Very nice bagels! Nothing to be ashamed of there. I’m with you on reusing parchment. You can keep using it until it crumbles, 3 to 5 times usually, depending on how hot you bake and whether you are using a stone.

Comment by gaaarp

Thanks! We reuse our parchment until it crumbles in our hands. We used to use a piece every week for pizza, and went through rolls so quickly. Now I’ve switched to semolina flour. It’s a little more clean up, but i kind of like the texture.

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

They look awesome! YUM. I’ve been trying to decide if I want to do cinnamon raisin or savory!!

Comment by sara

Nice to “meet” another local blogger!

Wow, the two shaping techniques really do come out so differently. Love the side-to-side photos. I’m going to be baking my bagels a week late (traveling) and after reading about everyone else’s I can’t wait!

Comment by foodietots

Yum! I am gonna make another batch soon! Happy baking!

Comment by Jenn @ Pete Eatemall

All your bagels look beautiful to me. Always love to see and know what accounts for the differences.

Comment by MyKitchenInHalfCups

What pretty bagels — congrats!

Comment by ATigerintheKitchen

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