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090517, 10:06 am
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I was SOOO nervous for this race.  Some apprehension can be a healthy thing before a race… gets the blood pumping.  I was definitely beyond that healthy range of nervousness.  Starting Friday afternoon i was silently contemplating not doing the race.  I know this is ridiculous.

The day stated at 4:45 AM when we got up and packed our car to go.  The course is about an hour from our home and we were supposed to arrive no later than 6:30.  The race began at 6:45 for the Pro’s. The water was a balmy 70F so the professionals weren’t allowed to wear wet-suits.  It was cloudy and stormy.  The air was only 60 degrees so when it started to rain i was shivering.  Partly from the cold and partly nerves.  I wasn’t scheduled to go until 8:10 – the eleventh wave.  The anticipation was killing me.

As soon as i got in the water, i stated to feel better.  compared to the chilly rain, the lake felt like bath-water.  I have trained so hard for this, i have got to at least TRY (TRI).  The swim felt GREAT.  I stayed WAY outside the pack, so i only got kicked 3-4 times SEE  VIDEO.  I naturally curve to the right and had to check my location every 30 strokes.  I probably added an extra 100 M to the swim – but it was worth it.

Coming out of the water i realized my watch had stopped.  The lady next to me reassured me that it was a sub 30 min swim – that’s good.  I had taken it VERY easy and was not worn out at all.  I didn’t use any body-glide, but my wet-suit came off alright.

The bike is a similar tune… I took it pretty easy.  After all the rain, the roads were wet and dotted with puddles.  I had never ridden in wet conditions before and was worried that my skinny road bike tire would slip out from under me in an instant.  It is SUCH a hilly, curvy course, i found myself braking or at least not peddling down each slope.

Then finally the run came.  It was such a relief.  In the end I was so amazed at how easy the race felt.  Despite the hilly bike and run, i finished in exactly twice my time at the Rumpas Sprint we had done a month earlier.


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