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090511 – ‘Anna, Damn it’ BREAD | BBA #1
090511, 10:28 pm
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IMG_3558More like, ‘Anna, Damn That’s Good’ bread.  Anadama bread.  You know I’m taking this seriously because i actually measured everything out.  Here lately, ALL of my ‘measuring’, including for breads and pizza dough, has been eye-balled.  I want to make this bread to a T.  We are but two skinny jenkins, so after cutting the dough in half, i baked one half and froze the other in a ziploc baggie.

I, for one, really like molasses.  It may be because i have lived in the south for 14 years now, i have relatives who eat it straight on their buckwheat pancakes, or just because i don’t have very refined olfactory senses and like really strong tastes.  So, despite Peter Reinhart’s recommendation to use light molasses, i used Black Strap.  I have used this molasses in several recipes, but mainly oatmeal raisin cookies.

Anadama Bread

This bread took a while to knead.  I used at least the full 10 min that Peter suggests, and maybe a minute more.  I may have miscounted on the molasses?  And found myself continually adding more dough.



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Very nice. 🙂 This challenge is so very much fun. I’m thinking of doing the next recipe today.
We only have one slice of the Anadama left. I gained a few pounds but I’m sort of skinny too. LOL.
Have a great week,

Comment by Susie

[…] thanks to some friends in the BBA Challenge, this week i found a way to use a little extra Anadama bread and complete one of the recipes on my 100 dish list. Thank you Rebeca!  This was easy and […]

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Gorgeous loaves!! Happy to be baking with you!

Comment by Arundathi

Thank you! I am honored to be baking with so many experienced cooks! Your blog is lovely, by the way. I am going to start following it! Those soft pretzels looks amazing!

Comment by twoskinnyjenkins

Beautiful post! I love all the pictures and your bread is gorgeous!

Comment by Tammy

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