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090508 – Friday pizza encore!
090508, 10:07 pm
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pre-cooked pizzathis is the same pizza dough recipe as last time – two weeks ago – but a different spin on ingredients.  Bleu cheese, red onion, kalamata olives, and a simple tomato sauce.  I bought a hunk of NICE bleu cheese from Balducci’s a while ago and i think it is nearly peaked.

To make the sauce, i just opened a can of petit diced tomatoes, added a tablespoon or so dried basil, and garlic powder, and pulse it with our immersion blender.  The amount of sauce that you see above turned out to be a bit too much for this thickness of dough.  I stretched this dough pretty thin in the middle, and it became a little soggy from the sauce.


090508 – Bread Bakers Apprentice Challenge!
090508, 6:01 pm
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breadbakerTime to stock up on King Arthur Flour!  I have decided to join the ranks of other great cooking bloggers and participating in the Bread Baker’s Apprentice Challenge.  The book by Peter Reinhart is the source for my pizza dough recipe.  The photos of his breads in the book are so beautiful, that i had been too intimidated to attempt them.  Until now.  I look forward to learning more about bread types and making in the upcoming weeks!

The schedule so far is as follows:

  • May 18th – Anadama Bread (Anna, Damn It)
  • May 24th – Greek Celebration Bread
  • May 31th – Bagels (watch out Bodos!)
  • June 7th – Rich Man’s Brioche (mmm… butter)
  • many more to come!

Out of respect for this wonderful book (and copyright laws) i will not be publishing the bread recipes on my site.  SORRY!  You may be able to find part of (some of) the recipes on Googlebooks.

I am super excited about the challenge – wish me luck!